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The Revenue Agency at a glance

The Revenue Agency is a non-economic public body that operates to ensure the highest level of tax compliance. It is mainly responsible for collecting tax revenues, providing services and assistance to taxpayers and carrying out assessment and inspections aimed at countering tax evasion. It also provides cadastral and geocartography services, manages all the payment to public administration through the F24 online system, handles the e-invoice for all the public authorities and the Health Insurance Card.


The Agency is governed by three institutional bodies: the Director General, the Management Committee and the Board of Auditors. At the central level, the Revenue Agency is organized into 10 Departments and 4 staff Offices with the task of planning, directing and coordinating the activities of the units spread across the Country, such as regional Departments and peripheral Departments.


Simplify relations with taxpayers  Improve the quality of assistance and information services  Increase powers to counter tax evasion  Manage fiscal cases before the tax Courts