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Cadastral services

The Inland Revenue Office - together with the Territorial Agency - is committed to providing citizens with data and information; by using "Search for cadastral data by tax code", it is now possible to obtain the cadastral data of properties on line.

By indicating the tax code of a property owner, the province and the cadastral area where the search is to be carried out, it is possible to obtain information relating to property situated throughout Italy (excluding the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano).

The search, which at the moment is limited only to individual persons, provides:

  • The personal details of the property owner
  • the identifying details of the property owned by the subject
  • the data relating to the ownership and to the relevant entitlement share
  • the cadastral rent and the location for property registered in the cadastre of buildings
  • income from an estate and agrarian income for property registered in the land register

The search can be carried out only on those property deeds that have been computerized, and on those properties for which the tax code used in the search corresponds to that of the registered holder in the cadastral archives.

If there are any inconsistencies or errors in the information contained in the archives, it is possible to contact the Contact Center and the Provincial Offices of the Territorial Agency.

To access the service you must register on the web site of the Inland Revenue. Once registered, you may start searching by using the PIN code provided by the Inland Revenue.

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